We will head out to the Cayes a few miles off shore to experience world renown snorkeling with a wide variety of fish, rays, sea turtles, dolphins, lobsters and wonderful corals to explore!



Both the fresh waters inland and the salt waters of the sea off Punta Gorda offer up a wide diverse range of fishing, we are well renown as the Permit fish capital of the world. All the gear you could want is provided, or you are welcome to bring your own. 


Private Getaway

Just looking for that romantic day spent on a private island without another soul around for miles! We can do that.

Bird Watching

Come see some of the great local birds, from Toucans and parrots to song birds and raptors! 



     At Wild Thing Tours we strive to make each and every day like Belize, truly unforgettable. We provide everything you will need for the day, all the necessary gear, safety equipment, lunch and beverages, all you need to bring is your camera!

     Choose from any of our tours below or create your own and discover the wonders of Belize!

Combination at Sea

 Our most popular tour, head out from the docks for a slow cruise through the nearby groves filled with manatees and abundance of other wildlife, then get set for a couple of hours of saltwater fishing for a wide variety of local favorites. Head off to a private island for a freshly prepared lunch. We can even clean and prepare your catch for lunch as well! You can't get any fresher fish than that! After a nice relaxing time on the local beach head out for an amazing couple of hours discovering all the beauty under the water snorkeling before heading back into town.

Inland Tours

Visit Mayan Cultural spots, try your hand at creating chocolate, See Mayan weaving and other crafts, then enjoy a truly authentic Mayan lunch prepared by locals in front of you. A true taste of Belize.

Caves & Falls

Cool off on a hot day at one of our many local waterfalls and caves. Enjoy all local wildlife while you float in serenity down one of our many rivers. 


Come see some of the great local birds, from With a guide or on your own, grab one of our kayaks and enjoy all of our local waterways at your own pace.



Not sure what you want? Send us a quick message and we’ll help you with what you need.

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